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TU Berlin ETHZ


Center for Advanced Silicon Electronics (CASE)

is a research collaboration between the «IBM Zurich Research Laboratory» and several institutes from the Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Department of the the «ETH Zürich». CASE allows an intensive cooperation in the field of high-speed IC development build on the access of leading-edge IBM CMOS and BiCMOS technologies.

Goals are the design of circuits for optical communication up to 40 Gbit/s and wireless systems from 5 to 60 GHz. Furthermore, signal processors using nonlinear analog circuits are investigated. IBMs access to ETH's design and characterization expertise, and ETH's opportunity to use IBM's IC technology for students and engineers are a win-win situation for both partners.

Recently, also the University of Berlin has been included in this collaboration.


Three research laboratories from the ETHZ are involved
Laboratory for Electromagnetic fields and Microwave Electronics Prof. em. Baechtold
Electronics Laboratory Prof. Jaeckel
Signal and Information Processing Laboratory Prof. Loeliger
Research laboratories from TU Berlin involved
Microwave Engineering Prof. Böck


ETHZ has over 10'000 students in total, about 800 of them studying electrical engineering science.

TU Berlin has over 30'000 students in total, more than 3'000 of them are studying electrical engineering.

At the four labs mentioned above there are about 25 PhD students working on high speed analog integrated circuits.

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