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Job Offers - High-Speed and Analog Electronics Group


Doctoral Assistant in Active Photonic-Crystal Devices

The development of new information media results in an ever increasing demand for transmission bandwidth. Solely the optical fiber, the most successful transmission medium ever, can cope with this demand. The field of terabit photonics aims at providing monolithically-integrated building blocks for an all-optical signal processing, i.e., without costly opto-electronic signal conversions. The High-Speed Electronics and Photonics Group of the Electronics Laboratory designs, fabricates and characterizes ultra-fast optoelectronic devices for lightwave Terabit/s-communication. In particular we conduct research on InP-based photonic crystals, semiconductor optical amplifiers, integrated mode-locked laser diodes and all-optical switches.

The objective of your doctoral dissertation will be the design and fabrication of compact photonic-crystal based semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) on InP. You will first investigate current injection and electrical pumping of quantum-well materials in photonic crystals and develop a sub-micrometer contact technology. You will then compare the integration of active (SOA, laser) and passive (waveguides, couplers) devices using butt-coupling regrowth, selective-area growth and quantum-well disordering. The impact of photonic-crystal sidewall-roughness on carrier lifetime and amplification will be studied. Static and dynamic device characterization as well as modeling will also be important issues.

The group has access to state-of-the-art clean-room facilities for epitaxial growth, material characterization and nanometer-scale device fabrication, as well as excellent device design and optical characterization equipment (both static and dynamic).

We look for a talented individual with a university degree in applied physics or electrical engineering. The candidate should be genuinely interested in optics, ultra-fast physics, material-oriented questions as well as design and processing of III/V-semiconductor devices.

If you are willing to work in a team within an emulating environment and ambitious to explore the performance limits of devices for tomorrows all-optical networks, you are the right candidate. The position is to be filled immediately.

Are you interested? Please send your application including: resume, letter of motivation, summary of courses attended and of grades, 1/2 page summary of semester works and/or practicums and copy of completed masters? thesis, if available. All documents are to be submitted preferentially per E-mail in PDF format. Incomplete applications will be discarded.

  Prof. Dr. H. Jäckel

Phone: +41-1-632 27 57
Phone: +41-1-632 65 23 (secretary)
E-mail: jaeckel@ife.ee.ethz.ch
or Dr. F. Robin

Phone: +41-1-632 54 07

email: robin@ife.ee.ethz.ch

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