High Performance Computing

Welcome to the home page of the High Performance Computing Group of the Electronics Laboratory, ETH Zurich.

The group is headed by Prof. Dr. A. Gunzinger.

Current Project: Swiss-Tx

We are currently developing a communication card based on the Remote Store Architecture. This work is part of the Swiss-Tx project.

Together with our partners Supercomputing Systems AG, CAPA EPFL, DIGITAL, CSCS and Oracle a commodity parts based series of supercomputers is developed. The project benefits from a strong collaboration with Sandia National Labs and Oak Ridge National Labs.
The project is funded by CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation).

Previous Projects

This machine contains 7 DEC 21066AA microprocessors. Its peak performance is 1.16 GFlops.

The MUSIC contains up to 63 DSP 96k from Motorola. Its peak performance is 3.78 GFlops.

This is a scalable multiprocessor platform using floating-point ADSP-21060 ``SHARC'' DSPs of Analog Devices Inc.
We have developed a digital mixing engine.

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