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NeuroBasic is an interactive and flexible simulation environment for neural networks. The syntax of the BASIC programming language (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is used to control powerful neuro-functions. These functions can create neuro-objects, for instance layers and weight sets, they can combine such objects into a complete neural network and they can train such networks with arbitrary patterns of one or more pattern sets. The BASIC interpreter allows all kinds of gradations in experimental research, from small interactive on-line experiments till complete experimental series which run off-line in the background.

The neuro-functions are either executed on the local host computer (PC, Sun, Macintosh, etc.) or they can be run on the MUSIC parallel supercomputer which typically speeds up the experiments by a factor of 30 to 300 compared to modern workstations.

You can:

After downloading the file, install NeuroBasic (by default in directory source/) with

      uncompress NeuroBasic.tar.Z
      tar -xfv NeuroBasic.tar

To get the developer's version of NeuroBasic (including the source code and extended manual) please mail to

Practical exercise for the lecture 'Informationsverarbeitung in neuronalen Netzwerken' of the Informatics Department of the Swiss Federal Institut of Technology (ETH) Zurich.

You can download here the necessary files to perform the exercise (Übung 5, Sommersemester 1999):

If You need further assistance, please send email to Beat Flepp.

For further information contact:

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