Zinniker, Rolf, Dr.

  ETH Zürich
  Rolf Zinniker
  Institut f. Elektronik
  ETZ H68.2
  Gloriastrasse 35
  8092 Zürich

  Phone:   +41 44 632 2739
  (part time only: we and fr)
  E-mail:  zinniker@ife.ee.ethz.ch

Rolf Zinniker studied at ETH Zürich and received 1968 the Dipl.Ing.ETH degree in electrical engineering. For his thesis "Beiträge zu Theorie und Schaltungstechnik symmetrischer Verstärker" he received 1976 the Dr.sc.techn ETH Zürich degree.
Since 2008 he is retired but still active at the Institute f. Elektronik, performing battery-tests, helping people to solve problems in the field of analog and digital electronis and batteries.

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